Best Government Jobs In India in 2021 To Look Out For

What’s better than getting a government job that offers tons of benefits in comparison to the private sector. The reason why Government jobs in India are so sought after is that it comes with job security and a better pay scale. At a private-sector job, you can get a higher salary but the perks of Government jobs can’t be matched. Almost all of us have applied for Government sector jobs once in our lives. But most of us fail to recognize the best Government sector or the best jobs for ourselves. In this article, we have compiled the best government jobs in India that you should apply for. 

Top Government Jobs In India

1. Civil Services Government Jobs

It is a well-known fact that civil services are one of the most respected and well-paid jobs the country has to offer. The respect and prestige that you will get with the job are unmatched. In civil services, you get the opportunity to work in the Indian Administrative Services (IAS), Indian Police Service (IPS), and Indian Foreign Service (IFS). In terms of respect, pay scale, and job perks, no sector can match up to Civil services jobs. These jobs are what make the country function without any hamper.

All those who are looking to be a part of the prestigious Civil services have to clear the UPSC exam, which is held every year. There are countless coaching centers all across the country to help the aspiring candidates prepare for the exam. If you can’t pursue the exam preparation by going to any institution then you can also prepare via online services.

2. PSU Jobs

Jobs in the public sector undertakings are known as the PSU jobs. Jobs like BHEL (Metro Operations), ONGC, NTPC limited, GAIL, MTNL, etc are an ideal opportunity for anyone looking for government jobs. The salary at PSU Jobs is great as are the perks provided to the employees. The work pressure is not too much in this sector which is a constant issue with private-sector employees. The job opportunities are open every year via different competitive exams throughout the year. If you wish to get a job in the PSU Sector then you will need to be attentive for all upcoming exams. 

3. State Public Service Commission

The jobs in the state public service commission are quite similar to the jobs available in the Civil services. The PSC exam is held by the state public service commission to recruit the applicants for various administrative posts in any state. Every state has its own public service commission, for example, Bihar has the Bihar Public Service Commission. Every State public service commission holds the exams for different job positions throughout the year. 

4. National Defence Services

Want to do something for the nation? Join the National Defense services and be a part of protecting your country from external invaders. Not everyone would prefer being a part of this sector but joining the National Defence Academy can be the best choice of your life. The sector constantly puts out well paid and reputable government jobs. 

If it has been your lifelong dream to enter the Indian Navy, Indian Army, or Indian Air Force, then keep an eye out for NDA Exams. The jobs come with perks like great pay scale, official government residence, medical facilities and so much more. 

5. Government Lecturer & University Professor

If you love teaching or are already teaching in a private sector then you should look out the chance of becoming a government college lecturer or professor. You may already be familiar with the perks of teaching jobs. You get a huge number of holidays plus the working hours are limited. When you move onto the Government teaching job, you can get an incredible salary. You can give competitive exams for the job just after completing your masters. You have to clear the UGC NET exam which is conducted twice in one year.

6. Government Railway Engineers

India produces the largest number of engineers in the world every year. Unfortunately, the lack of the right kind of knowledge and experience stops people from not finding the right job. Government railway jobs are the right kind of job for engineers in the country. Becoming a part of the Indian railway as a railway engineer is something every engineer must have dreamed of once in their life. The job provides perks like free travel, good government residence & an excellent pay scale. 

Conclusion: Best Government Jobs In India

This concludes our list of best Government jobs in India. As per our research, the above-mentioned jobs are the best jobs you can find in India. One thing is common that you have to give an exam to be recruited, so don’t wait any longer, open the books and start preparing for the jobs you want. 

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