Impact of COVID-19 On Government Sector Jobs

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought the world to a halt and it caused a global economic crisis. Even the biggest superpowers of the world like the United States and Europe faced the economic crisis. India is also facing one of the worst economic breakdowns in recent years. The rapid economic decline has caused a lot of people to lose their jobs. According to a report, this pandemic could result in a 7% decrease in global working hours. In India, from March-end, most of the companies are in the private or government sector have asked their employees to take an indefinite leave. 

The private sector in India saw major job cuts and layoffs during the Coronavirus pandemic that significantly impacted all the economic activities. In this article, you will learn everything there is to know about the impact of COVID-19 on Government sector jobs and if your jobs are safe. 

Economic & Social Impact Post Crisis

Once the pandemic passes and the after the dust settles, thousands of people who lost their jobs will return to the market. The COVID-19 outbreak happened at a critical time in India, impacting the demographic, economic, and social lifestyle of everyone. Based on several surveys, one-third of India’s entire workforce is vulnerable to reduced income, layoffs, and uncomfortable working situations. Reports also suggest that India also needs to produce 10 million jobs every year. As more people are losing their jobs, the impact will be even greater.

Overview of Government & Private Sector Jobs During Outbreak

Based on recent studies, 68% of employers have either started to layoff people already or will be beginning to lay employees off soon. Government jobs have also taken a toll but no jobs have been lost. Though Government employees have faced severe salary cuts so the Government can invest more funds in fighting the pandemic. If you have lost your jobs then you can sign up on different websites to get alerts for the latest job opening. 

The survey covered more than 1500 companies across 11 Government and private industry sectors. The primary aim of the survey was to get an understanding of the impact of COVID-19 Government sector jobs. During the survey, 73% of the organization stated that they decided to reduce the salary of their employees. Others said they will be laying off employees for at least 1 year. 

Fortunately, the Indian Government has taken decisive steps to safeguard jobs and making sure that full wages are paid to the employees. The initiative has considered every aspect of the working situation in India during the Pandemic. 

Change in Private Sector Recruitment During The Pandemic

As the pandemic is growing at an alarming rate throughout the country, businesses are using several tactics to keep up the productivity and stay in business. The private sector has moved onto virtual interviews and online recruiting of the new employees. The work from a home culture has boomed in the country, and the use of applications like Zoom & Skype and other video conferencing apps has grown. 

Maintaining social distancing is an important factor and that’s the sole reason private businesses have chosen to shift to an online-based interview system. Despite the challenges the Coronavirus pandemic has out in front of businesses, the Government and private sector are handling the situation quite well. 

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