The Pros and Cons of Working for the Government

pros and cons of govt jobs

When you think about Government jobs, what comes to your mind? Both Private and Government jobs come with their own pros and cons. All of it boils down to the decision you make. One of the primary thoughts that come to our mind is that Private jobs tend to offer a better pay scale than government jobs. If you’re confused as to which career direction you should go for, then we suggest you read till the end about the advantages and disadvantages of government jobs. Here’s a complete in-depth analysis of the pros and cons of government jobs.

Pros of Government Jobs

Government jobs in India remain one of the most reputable career options. A lot of dignity and fame comes along with Government jobs with a good enough pay scale. Here are all the pros of government jobs.

pros and cons of govt jobs
  1. Job Security

One of the biggest reasons for running after a Government job is job security. In the private sector, due to the market situation and the company’s growth, the private company will most probably choose to downsize their teams. The biggest example of this is the Coronavirus pandemic as millions of employees working in the private sector globally lost their jobs. Private companies fire a lot of employees just to cut down on their costs. Government jobs on the other hand are much more stable, people are only fired if there’s a major performance issue or if one is engaged in some fraudulent activities. That’s why people now feel more secured in a Government job as they won’t be laid off unexpectedly.

  • Better Retirement Policy

Private jobs don’t exactly come with a retirement policy, so your old age isn’t as financially secured as you would want it to be. Government jobs make sure that a government employee’s future is secured even after they retire. A private company employee has to plan ahead for their future and save for life after retirement. The new pension scheme in the Government sector ensures that an employee’s lifestyle and standard of life is maintained even after retirement. Several government sector jobs in banking and railways continue to provide benefits such as travel, stay, or medical benefits to employees even after they retire.

  • Relocation Doesn’t Forces You To Change Jobs

Most Government jobs, especially the bank jobs have good re-location policies for the employees. In the case of private jobs, employees have to leave their job if they have to relocate for some reason. Not all private organizations have companies set up in every city. In the government sector, an employee can relocate to a new place while working with the same bank. This flexibility in relocation makes it possible for people to relocate without having to lose their jobs.

  • Public and National Holidays

Another factor that makes government jobs really enticing is that they offer more holidays than private offices. In India, government sectors declare holidays for almost all the festivals and private sectors do it in a very restricted manner. Limited offices have optional holidays, few others have a limited number of holidays in a year. Also, if you are an employee of a foreign-based MNC, then you won’t get any of the Indian holidays. Government jobs on the other hand allow you to enjoy most of the festivals that you can celebrate without having to affect your leaves.

  • Better Work-Life Balance

Government jobs used to have fixed working hours but that landscape is changing rapidly. Most of the private jobs offer flexible working hours and shifts. RBI has recently initiated flexible working hours for their bank officers a few years back to ensure a better work-life balance for employees.

Government jobs also have shorter working hours in comparison to private-sector jobs. Most government sector jobs have 6-7 hours shifts while private offices mostly have 9-hour shifts. Also, the number of login hours is strict, unlike the government offices. Another factor that makes government jobs a great option is the incredible work-life balance.

Cons of Government Jobs

While it may not sound true, Government jobs do have some cons. They are limited but they are still worth considering. Here are all the disadvantages of choosing a government job over private jobs.

  1. Lower Salary Scale

Government jobs have a lower salary scale in comparison to the private sector. Employees can climb the ranks quickly and the rise in salary is also noticeable. Unlike government jobs, you don’t have to wait for years to get a promotion and a raise in salary. Private jobs offer better salary right off the bat, employees also get a regular promotion. If you are in the right profession, then you will end up getting a starting salary of more than 40K. Unfortunately, the minimum salary offered by a government job is 18K.

  • No Work From Home Facility

This is one option that almost all private companies offer to their employees. If an employee is not able to go to the office due to some situation, they can work from home itself. You can choose to work from home if your organization allows you to do so. This is a really helpful option as you can work even if you are traveling or if you aren’t well enough to go to the office. Unfortunately, this option isn’t available in government jobs, employees of government sector don’t really need this feature as they can afford to take a lot of leaves.

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